Fluoride is a poison.  It should never be put in the water supply.  We should not be subjected to medication, or chemicals that are unwanted.  It appears that about 60% of the water supplies in the United States have fluoride added.  It seems that fluoride consumption has a dumbing down effect.  It has been reported that one subjected to fluoride has about a 10 point drop in IQ.

There has been a concerted effort to have dentists promote it for prevention of decay but there is little evidence to support this.  My studies have shown that fluoride is a byproduct of aluminum production and fertilizer manufacturing and is a toxic waste product.  Rather than pay for disposal they have devised a scheme whereby they sell it to be placed in the water.

Do not use any toothpaste that has fluoride added.  I recommend Tom's of Maine fluoride free, available at WalMart in the tooth paste section.

One may obtain filters to remove the fluoride from the drinking water, but one also has considerable exposure from bath or shower water in that fluoride is absorbed through the skin.

My patients are warned of the dangers of fluoride consumption and exposure.
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