I am a veteran of the U.S. Army.  I was drafted just after college and went through basic training at Ft. Sam Houston in Texas.  I was trained as a combat medic and a medical laboratory technician. I was also trained in blood banking techniques. This was the first experience with the medical field and I had no idea that I would someday be a physician.

I worked in E.R.s of numerous military instillations. Fort Leavenworth, Munson Army Hospital, Fort Campbell, Fort Leonard Wood, treating personnel that were active, inactive and retired as well as dependents.

I do not think the military personnel are being treated appropriately.  This is one of my goals, to help those who feel they cannot express how they truly feel due to negative repercussions.

I am aware that the following exist and need attention, and not be dismissed as though everything is great.  Today there are approximately 20 suicides a day in the active military. Twenty percent are diagnosed with depression and are on antidepressant medication. Something is wrong with this picture.

I am currently treating individuals with the following:

Post traumatic stress disorder
Exposure to Agent Orange
Exposure to depleted Uranium, or other radiation poisoning
Gulf war syndrome

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All records will be kept strictly confidential.

Down To Earth Medicine
Veterans and Active Duty Personnel
Proud Members of the Honor Guard
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