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Lakeside Medical Clinic
Telemedicine, or videoconferencing is meeting through the computer, or cell phone.  It is designed for simpler problems such as medication refills,  Sore throat, Ear ache,  UTI  Etc.

Depending on circumstances they may be taken care of at the time of call or schedule a call back time in the near future.

I do not accept any insurance plans.  I have structured payment simply and economically.

Fee will be $50.00 for the first 15 minutes. Subsequent 15 minute intervals will be additional $50.00 .

I am available for counseling related to marital difficulties, unruly children, grief, depression, anxiety.  I have also done tutoring and can help with understanding basic concepts. Typically I have been able to increase grades by one to two letter grades.

Call 417-644-2788 for further information.