Consider Aspartame as sweet poison.  In fact Google a sweet poison and you will readily understand.  Aspartame is found in thousands of products.  It is an artificial sweetener that was first marketed as a sugar substitute for weight loss diets.  I have news for you, it is toxic and causes one to gain weight.  It is also very addicting.  I have  many patients that had considerable difficulty discontinuing its use.

Initially it was an ingredient in sugarless gum but now it is even found in sugar gum as well as baby food.

I had a patient who appeared to be overmedicated or intoxicated.  He staggered and spoke with a slurred speech.  When he sat down in front of me he placed a two liter bottle of diet Coke on my desk.  Fortunately I had been recently studying the effects of Aspartame and I told him that I thought he was experiencing Aspartame poisoning.  I poured the soda down the drain.  He was instructed to drink large amounts of water. When I saw him back in a week his symptoms were completely resolved.  He vowed never to use Aspartame again.

This is an example of the type of medicine I practice.

Should you be looking for a compassionate, caring, and well informed doctor, make an appointment with Dr. Ure today.

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