I would have to say I learned the most about teaching when I was a 9th grade science teacher in the 70's.  Even though I enjoyed teaching I felt I had a greater calling and decided to be a doctor.  Looking back, I think I made the correct decision.  The only thing I would have done differently would have been to continue searching for an orthopedic surgery residency.  Instead, I began working in the emergency rooms and decided to open a private practice doing family medicine.  I learned a great deal just by the experience of doing it.

In Family Practice I was in close contact with the various members of each family and recognized that stress, anxiety and frustration was being realized by both the parents and the children due to their difficulty comprehending their studies.  I then offered a tutoring service in the office to show the students how to truly study and learn.  All of them were able to raise their grades by several points.

Now I have slowed down and am just enjoying what life has to offer.  I still enjoy teaching and this is what motivated me to start tutoring on line.

The internet has broken all of my website down to individual components that are searchable and therefore I am posting this to gain a following of students that need help.

I believe what I have discovered is applicable to all subjects and grade levels.  If you would like to see If what I have to offer is what you are looking for give me a call to discuss your needs.


Dr. Ure
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