Well, I suppose that you are reading this because you want to stop smoking.  Very few would be interested in how to begin.  They just do!!!  The hard part is quitting, and there is no need for me to go into all of the reasons that one should quit.  The reasons are well known.

You may not be aware but there is very little true tobacco in a cigarette today.  Mostly filler material and chemicals that make one more and more addicted.

One time in doing a pre employment physical a lady said to me, "Dr. Ure, I would like to tell you something."  I replied that I was listening to what she had to say.  She then told me that she had taken just about every drug in just about every way that one could imagine and that cigarettes were the most addicting thing that she ever had to deal with.

From my own observation it seems that women have a much harder time stopping smoking then men.  I am not sure why, but men can just quit more easily.

Now here are the tips that you can be aware of and thoughts about what you can do to help you to quit.

Probably the most important is make sure that you do not feel badly about yourself.  
The very fact that you care about yourself and want to do what is in the best interest of your body says a lot.

So do not make the statement, I will never smoke another cigarette.  What this does is set you up for failure, because if the desire becomes overwhelming and you do have a cigarette, you will feel that you have broken a promise to yourself.  Instead adopt the motto I chose not to smoke.  Then just do the best you can knowing that your end goal is to stop completely.

Ok on to next concept.  It is reported that the desire for a cigarette is very short lived.  Lasting for only 10-15 minutes.  If you can hold out the desire will go away.  Perhaps you have heard someone say they need a nicotine fix.  
well what is happening is that the level of nicotine in the blood stream goes up when smoking.  After a period of time it begins to decrease and then the feeling of nervousness increases, causing one to seek relief by another smoke.

Substitute something in your mouth.  There is oral gratification from  holding the cigarette in ones mouth so therefore use a toothpick ao a piece of licorice or candy to satisfy the oral aspect.

Next, refrain from spicy meals of lots of sugary foods or drinks in that they increase the craving to smoke.

Eating red meat increased ones desire to smoke.

Break your habits.  If after eating you find yourself wanting to smoke break your habit and go for a walk and drink a large glass of water.

Do not go and sit in your favorite chair with the ashtray next to you or that will stimulate the need to smoke.

Make a plan and stick to it as well as possible.  Set a goal such as I will start next such and such.  Then be sure to taper yourself down.

One of the plans I came up with is called the twenty day plan to stop smoking.  Called the twenty day plan because there are twenty cigarettes in a pack.  Therefore every day decrease the total amount by one.  By day twenty you will have only one cigarette and then it is over and you have achieved your goal.

Be sure to use a support system.  Let family friends and coworkers know that you are on a stop smoking program and ask them for assistance.  Perhaps there are some who would like to partner up to be of support to each other.

Additionally, cleanse your body of the nicotine.  Several soaking baths a day will get rid of the nicotine on your skin and prevent reabsorption.  Also drink massive amounts of water to cleanse yourself inside.

One other thing alcohol and cigarettes go together so it would be a good time to quit drinking as well.  Do not go to bars or other places where everyone is smoking because it will make it much harder not to smoke.

Lastly and undoubtedly the most important is to pray about it.  Ask God to help you and to take the desire away.  In my experience I spoke with a credible friend who said one day he was out working on a road with a crew of men.  He looked up into the sky and asked God to take the desire from him.  He reported that immediately he no longer had the desire to smoke and has never gone back to it.

May you be successful in your goal!!!!

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