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Down To Earth Medicine
It has been suggested that the term chemtrail not be used when speaking about the topic on this page.  The reason I used it is because it is most familiar to the people.  It has been said that using the term chemtrail gives a connotation of conspiracy nut or one who wear a tin foil hat.  The terms geoengineering, or climate change have been suggested in place of the term chemtrail.  Regardless, we people of the world need to do something.  I am not sure what to do and am extremely frustrated.  This website may help to educate and give information to just the right person leading to a solution for all of us.

You see geoengineering is adversely affecting all of us.  We are being treated like lab rats and subjected to many chemicals and who knows what being sprayed high above our heads.  Investigation has revealed that chemtrails contain aluminum, barium, and strontium.  Also as unbelievable as is sounds there has been found human red blood cells as well as dog feces.  I can not figure this out but still researching. 

Dane Wigington in California lives in the view of Mount Shasta and has said that the pristine mountain lakes have levels of aluminum that are many times above what would be considered normal.  Also trees and other plants seem to be suffering.  The aluminum concentration in the soil is skyrocketing.

Just what is geoengineering and this concept of chemtrails all about?  

Contrails are considered normal.  They occur at altitudes greater than 30,000 feet, and are the results of condensation of water vapor and exhaust gasses of high flying jet planes.  I do not claim to be an expert on this subject and there are many very good sites on the internet that explain it in far greater detail.  I am trying to look at what is going on from the perspective of a doctor and how it affects people, plants and animals. If I am able to alert people of what is going on then I will have been successful.

Chemtrails on the other hand are formed by high flying jets but the substances that are being sprayed are very different.  As stated earlier, substances such as aluminum, strontium, and barium have been detected.  These are in very high concentration.  I personally believe that the aluminum concentration in in part responsible for senile dementia and Alzheimer's disease.  I also believe that the metals found in the atmosphere act as an accelerant for the fires around the globe that seem to have their origin in high energy beams.

One can tell the difference from the two above by simple observation.  If the trail behind a high flying plane dissipates within a matter of a few minutes, it is a contrail.  One can see the jet and the end of the contrail only stretching a few miles behind the plane.

In comparison a chemtrail will go clear across the sky and will linger and spread for hours, until the whole sky is a milky grey color.  The jets are not following typical victor airways from airport to airport.  Instead they criss cross, go in circles and in some situations become figure eights or the pattern like tic tac toe.

I am so frustrated with having a beautiful blue sky turn to overcast haze on a daily basis.

I understand that they are spraying all over the world particularly above NATO countries.

A friend recently told me about a lady named Kristen Meghan who was in the Air Force.  
She realized just what was going on and is now telling the truth about just what they are spraying.  She may be being threatened at this time because she seems to be less vocal

Please give this situation considerable study and tell everyone you can about what is going on.  

I think the only way we will ever be able to stop this is by a large show of force where the spraying is originating from.

Any suggestions on how to get this stopped would be greatly appreciated.,