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Down To Earth Medicine
Cholesterol is a vital component of the body manufactured by the liver and brain.
​Working in the emergency room I used to wonder why all of the 70, 80, and 90 year olds were on cholesterol medication.  I did not think it would make a bit of difference from the point I saw them until the day they died.  I therefore began to look deeply into the concept of cholesterol being bad and contributing to stroke or heart attack if in too high a concentration.  What I found out was that the whole practice was based on a  lie.  I have read many books and studied the writings of many doctors.  My conclusion,  "forget about it" as the wise guys say. Most knowledgeable physicians would be upset if their levels were below 300 for total cholesterol.

In fact, I have no patient that is on a statin drug.  Any new patient that wants to be a member of my practice is strongly encouraged to have their cholesterol lowering medication stopped.  One MUST know that 50 million healthy Americans are taking statin drugs such as Lipitor or Crestor and are irreparably damaging themselves. Checkout for further verification.

Bottom line, cholesterol is vitally important to all animals.  It is produced in the liver and the brain.  Cells called glial cells in the brain manufacture cholesterol for use in the brain.  The brain is about 50%cholesterol by weight.  When a statin drug is taken, it crosses the blood brain barrier and prevents the glial cells from making cholesterol.  I believe this is contributing to major problems, such as senile dementia and 
Alzheimers disease.

Cholesterol is very important and is a precursor of both testosterone and estrogen as well as vitamin D.

Take home message, it is not important for you to limit your cholesterol intake.  Your body will regulate the levels you need automatically.                                    

This subject is covered completely in a one on one in my office.  Call for an appointment today!!!