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Down to Earth Medicine

​Earthing is a concept that I have been working with for the past ten years. I discovered it when studying the website spacedoc.net that is concerned with the harmful effects of the cholesterol-lowering medication. The article that I was reading was written by Dr. Stephen Sinatra, and was titled Earthing.

I read the book Earthing and it seemed as though all of the pieces fell into place. I have been a physician for over 40 years. I taught physical and general science on the high school level for six years and during that time I took a course of electronics due to an interest I had in that field. Therefore, it was easy for me to understand what was taking place regarding the physical concepts of Earthing.

The first person that I tried the principles of Earthing on was my mother. I used a makeshift system that was effective but simple. My mother has slept on an Earthing sheet every night for the last four years as have I.  To be more effective one should practice Earthing throughout the day as much as possible.

The concept was discovered in modern times by Mr. Clint Ober and he has spent a great deal of money in the research and development of Earthing products. The concept of Earthing as stated in the book is certainly not a new concept because the ancient practitioners of yoga in the country of India continue to sleep on a copper sheet with a wire running out the window to a ground rod to this day.

The first patient in a clinical setting that I treated had his feet on a grounded mat and he stated after approximately 15 minutes that his feet were getting warm. I looked at his feet and it appeared as though they had developed an increased healthy color of pink.

Since that time I have taught untold number of patients how to utilize Earthing in their day-to-day activities.

One thing I've learned is that individuals are extremely wary and skeptical of Earthing.

The concept is so simple and so unbelievable that is difficult to convince people of how beneficial it can be for them.

Just what is Earthing? Simply stated it is being connected to the earth. When one takes off their shoes and socks and walks barefoot on the grass or soil one is in fact earthing.  Swimming in a lake is good but being in salt water is even better because the salt makes for a better conductor of electricity.

It has been shown that the earth is the large repository of electrons, and the electrons have a negative charge. It has also been shown that the free radicals associated with inflammation have a positive charge. It is a well-known physical property that unlike charges will cancel and this is the case when the charges of the free radical are canceled by the negative charges of the electrons.

Most of the patient's seen in the clinical setting have some type of pain. Most often the pain is located in the back. One of the Earthing products is a simple EKG patch applied to the area of discomfort and then a grounded wire is attached to the patch. After approximately 10-15 minutes, when questioning the patient's, they will often times say there is an electrical sensation or perhaps even use the magic words a feeling of tingling.  The tingling feeling is associated with the flow of electrons into the tissue.

Besides relieving pain and inflammation, Earthing and will improve circulation in all tissues. The current state of most of the red blood cells shows a grouping of cells or clumping. It appears this is due to lack of electrons, and hence a decreased overall electronegativity. This can be determined due to the fact that once one becomes grounded, electrical charges on the surface of the red blood cell increase and it becomes more electronegative. It is this negative charge on each cell that causes repulsion or separation of the red blood cells.

This has a dramatic effect on the body decreasing the peripheral vascular resistance and the workload of the heart.  It also increases the oxygenation and nutrients to all tissues of the body.  It will also lower ones blood pressure.

It is my opinion as a physician that Earthing will help prevent a heart attack or a thrombotic stroke.  The reason is simple, if one is decreasing the overall clumping effect of the red blood cells then a clot is less likely to form.

As is the case in science we often times are not able to completely explain why something works you just know that it does. This seems to be the case in the alleviation of jet lag. We know the Earth is influenced by many forces, and somehow everything will reset in the body to eliminate the feeling of jet lag after 10-15 minutes of grounding.

As noted in the book Earthing, the Italians have coined a phrase inflamaging which explains how inflamation actually speeds the aging process. Anything that decreases inflammation overall actually decreasing the aging effect, so one can see that Earthing slows the aging process for both men and women.

One of findings that was so striking to me was that Earthing speeds up the healing process. This was first noticed when girlfriend accidentally cut her finger while making a salad and her finger was completely healed within two days.

Along the same line, Earthing has been shown to not only heal bedsores but to help prevent them in the first place.  Every nursing home or bed fast person should be on an Earthing sheet.  This causes increased blood flow to the skin to prevent it from breaking down.

There are a number of conditions related to chronic inflammation that are helped such as allergies, Alzheimer's disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, anemia, arthritis, asthma, autism, cancer, cardiovascular disease, type I and type II diabetes, fibromyalgia, common intestinal disorders such as Crohn's disease,  irritable bowel, and diverticulitis, kidney failure, lupus, multiple sclerosis, pain, pancreatitis, psoriasis and eczema, and I've found from my own experience a decrease in anxiety and depression as related by my patients. 

I have given many lectures regarding the beneficial effects of Earthing and am willing to give them to any group or organization. You may contact me from the information given under the contact tab.